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Techiniques to Avoid Falling Asleep at Work

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Techiniques to Avoid Falling Asleep at WorkFalling asleep at work is more common than not, with almost 30% of Americans dozing off to some degree at their desks. While natural cures for a good night’s sleep may be the best solution for fatigued workers, you still need a few tricks up your sleeve to keep you wide awake while you’re on the clock. After spending hours unloading, unpacking and reassembling furniture the night before, feeling tired at work is almost expected. But falling asleep? That doesn’t bode well for the new job you just moved for. put together these suggestions to help you stay awake!

The Nose Knows

Techiniques to Avoid Falling Asleep at WorkYour sense of smell packs a powerful punch to the brain. Certain scents are known to invigorate the mind and stimulate all the senses. On days when you have to drag yourself out of bed, reach for some scented oils so you can avoid falling asleep at work. Apply some on a cotton ball that you can keep in front of your keyboard, or if you have one of those mini desktop waterfalls, you can drop a few oil drops in the flowing water to keep you awake. The best oils for alertness throughout the workday include:

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemongrass

Put the Breaks On

Are you one of those diehard employees who never takes a break from their desk? It’s time to change that habit! Charging through a jam-packed workday with only a lunch break in between is bound to make you sleepy – especially if you just spent the better part of the night before rearranging furniture and sorting out your kitchen after your relocation. There’s nothing wrong with taking a small break during work. In fact, it’s almost necessary to give your mind a break from staring at a computer screen or performing the same tasks over and over again. Try adding a 10-minute break before or after lunch, whenever you feel you need a breather. To make those breaks more relaxing and to get blood circulating throughout your system, do this:

  • Massage both of your earlobes
  • Give the top of your head a few light taps
  • Gently rub and massage the area where your head meets your neck

Lunchtime Power Nap

Techiniques to Avoid Falling Asleep at WorkMost people get a touch of the “itis” after eating a meal, so it makes sense to accommodate the lethargy with a little power nap. Unless you’re participating in a paid sleep study, don’t doze off at work. That’s a pink slip waiting to happen. Instead, use your lunch hour to eat something light, and spend a few minutes with your eyes closed in a quiet place, like your car. It’s called a power nap for a reason. After 15 to 20 minutes of simply resting with your eyes closed, you’ll feel invigorated and ready to take on the rest of the workday. Just remember to set your cell phone’s alarm to five minutes before the end of your lunch, or you’ll be snoozing in your car until who-knows-when!

Be Afraid of the Dark

Is your workplace well-lit? Are you able to sit by a window at work? Get yourself closer to a bright light source if you want to make it through the day without yawning every 10 minutes. Natural light from a window is the best possible source to help you avoid falling asleep at work. Common sense and science tells us that our bodies are most active during the daytime and shut down during the nighttime. Stay away from areas that are too dark and have sparse lighting, or bring in a bright lamp if your work environment can’t produce more light.

Don’t Get too Comfy

Techiniques to Avoid Falling Asleep at WorkHaving a comfortable office chair is essential for both our posture and our comfort. After all, we spend 40 hours a week in our work chair. But getting comfortable enough to sleep in that chair is a completely different situation. As soon as you get to the office, adjust your chair so that it is comfortable and easy to work from, but not too comfortable to induce sleep. A great way to stay alert and comfortable at the same time when you’re sitting at your desk is to simply sit up straight with a solid posture.

You Sleep What You Eat

What you are eating before and throughout the workday is definitely going to have affect on how sleepy you get at work. Stop skipping your morning meal! Wake up early enough to make yourself a nutritious breakfast. Since you’re going to start taking more breaks now, bring along a snack of fruits or nuts for an instant energy boost. Get to know what the best foods to eat on your lunch break are, so you know what to pack the night before or what to order if you eat out at lunch.

Stay Active with Music or Movement

Techiniques to Avoid Falling Asleep at WorkThere’s no better motivator to get you through work than listening to your favorite tunes. All flexible offices should have a policy that lets employees listen to their music, as long as it’s not disruptive to their productivity. If your office allows you to plug in and tune out, by all means take advantage of it. In cases where you can’t bring your mp3 player, use your body to help you stay awake. Stretching on your breaks or taking a quick stroll in the parking lot at lunch gets the blood and energy flowing, so you can finish out the day strong.

What other techniques have you used in the past to help you stay awake at work? Share your stories with us below, or join our Facebook and Twitter networks!

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