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How to Raise Funds for Your Relocation

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Everyone already knows that relocations can be expensive, but here are a few moving tips that can lower the cost of your move. From minimizing unnecessary belongings to temporarily increasing your cash flow, garage sales will help alleviate the stress and strain associated with moving. Garage sales may seem more of a hassle than a help but you will be surprised as to how much they can actually do for your move.

Increasing Funds:

Garage sales aren’t going to supplement your annual income or make you a millionaire yet they can possibly assist in paying for your relocation. You will be surprised to discover how much two folding tables and friendly negotiating can earn in a few hours. Choose a day you have off from work or school and promote your garage sale with signs around the neighborhood/apartment complex. You should definitely welcome any additional funds!

Minimize Possessions

1. Minimizing your belongings during a garage sale serves two purposes; the first one is that it eases the load. If you plan to perform your relocation without a moving company then you will surely want to lessen the amount of belongings you have to take. Avoid the sharp pains in your lower back and the excruciating cramping in your arms associated with the relocation process. Also remember, less means a smaller and less-expensive truck that you will have to rent.

2. The second reason why getting rid of belongings at a garage sale is so important is because it will reduce the cost of the moving company. The fewer amounts of boxes they have to pick-up and deliver, the lower your moving bill will be. It will save you a considerable amount of money!

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  1. When you have a garage sale, be sure to advertise it online. You’ll probably get 30% more visitors to your sale.

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