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Why Internet Dating May Not Be Such a Good Idea – Get Out and Mingle!

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After moving to a new city, one thing you will need to do is meet new people to show you around town. Well, you can opt to explore the city on your own, but that won’t be nearly as fun. Instead of being a loner and spending all of your time talking to your friends from back home on the phone, go out and start forming your new circle of friends.

While this may seem like the natural thing to do, not everyone is outgoing enough to go hangout at a local bar and mix and mingle. Instead, many people decide to branch out without ever leaving the comfort of their home at all thanks to the evolution of online dating. Just think – you can sit among the boxes left behind from professional movers and surf your way through many of the singles in your area. Although this method of meeting people may save you time and spare your ego, there are also many disadvantages that you should take into account.

First, it should be noted that online dating is an incredibly passive way of connecting with people. When you talk to someone online you can’t read into their emotions and get a true feel for the kind of person they are. Someone that you meet on a dating website can easily sell themselves as an outgoing, friendly and educated person. Then when you meet them in person, you will realize that they are shy and socially awkward. While the internet may save you the time it takes to go out, it can also lead to a lot of wasted time chatting to people who are not what you think they are. Honesty and internet profiles have never really gone hand in hand. People have a tendency to make themselves a few inches taller and a couple pounds lighter.

When you decide to rely on the internet dating scene, there will also be more competition than in at a local bar or art gallery. A lot of attractive people join internet dating sites as an avenue to boost their ego. Just when you decide to send a message complimenting someone, that person will be getting 10 other messages simultaneously. Meanwhile, at any local pub on any given night, the person you want may only have eyes for you.

The fact that the internet exposes you to potential weirdoes, stalkers and rapists is another major con to the online dating method. Proponents of the internet romance will say that you can also meet these kinds of people at a bar. While this may be true, it’s hard to argue that certain places generally attract certain types of people. With the internet, there is no screening room. There are no bouncers at the door checking for weapons. The World Wide Web is an open forum for everyone from underage school girls to convicted felons. Regardless of how many emails or pictures you send back and forth, the internet will do nothing more than provide a false sense of security.

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    Dummies for Dating is a hilarious look at the weirdos of the Internet Dating underworld. A true saga of the characters met online. There’s an actual facebook group for Disgruntled Daters…fun,

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