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Unlock Lush Locks: Tips on How to Get and Keep Beautiful, Healthy Hair

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Unlock Lush Locks: Tips on How to Get and Keep Beautiful, Healthy HairDoes your hair cascade graciously or sit there sullenly? If it is the latter, then your mane needs a break from breakage. When ends are a mess of frazzles and splits, it means your current routine is inflicting quite a bit of damage. With moving day coming up, there’s no time for precious hours at the salon. But don’t think that a pony tail is a long-term solution. Luckily, is here to share these time-tested and trusted tips for healthy hair growth in a natural way.

First, you must see what you are doing wrong to your hair. Damaged strands can be treated, but split ends can only be removed. If your hair is dead, there is not much you can do to help it except prevent it from happening again. Our recommendation is to step away from the hair dye. Bleaching and dyeing hair can strip it of essential moisture and nutrients. Dyeing must be maintained pretty often and will damage over time, so it should be done at a salon by a professional. If you want salon results, go to one.

Boxed hair dyes fade into undesirable colors. Many at home modifications may show improved results at first, but don’t expect them to last. These dyes are harsh and often cause allergic reactions. A salon specialist will be able to provide you with great results. If you want lighter hair naturally, simply go out in the sun. It will take a while, but eventually it will get lighter. A little bit of diluted lemon juice will help but will also dry it. An old-fashioned way of getting darker hair is to add unsweetened cocoa powder to conditioner. After a while of using the mixture everyday, some say it makes tresses appear darker. Or, opt for organic and plant-derived products that are very effective and gentle.

Another damaging ritual that is done daily is blow drying and hair ironing. Though a little bit of heat is good for strands, too much will literally burn them. If you prefer straightened hair, get a ceramic iron that has a low heat setting and use a heat protection product before ironing. When you blow dry, stop once hair is slightly dry and let it air dry the rest of the way. Air drying is good to do every other day or so in order to let hair “breathe,” however, people with thin hair will find that this causes split ends. Prevent this by blow drying for only a few minutes.

People with thick, curly hair are subject to elemental effects on their hair. Humidity and wind will cause lots of undesirable frizz. Prevent fluff with a rich oil or anti-static product that will nourish and moisten strands. All-natural, organic hair products provide excellent results. Remember to buy from brands that don’t use animal testing.

The following are easy tips for healthy hair growth and in general:

  1. Brush gently. Strands are very fragile, especially when they are in a state of disrepair. Don’t brush your hair too harshly. Run a paddle brush starting at the tips to remove any tangles and work your way up. Once at the root, brush down a few times to disperse natural and beneficial oils. Don’t brush hair when wet—remove knots before your shower. Only comb damp hair. Do not aggressively towel dry or ring. Simply let the water run out while in the shower and then use a towel dab and collect excess water. Apply a humectant to ends.
  2. Go easy while washing. When you shampoo, do you use one, maybe two handfuls of the stuff and vigorously scrub it in? This is detrimental to hair health and causes frizz, brittleness and dryness. Apply only a small, diluted amount of shampoo only to the roots and gently work it in. Rinse well and do this sparingly. The best solution for hair is the scalp’s natural oils so be sure to cleanse but not strip. Conditioner should only be applied to ends, combed through and left on for a few minutes. Try not to rinse it out completely for it will only help lock in moisture.
  3. Nutrition. Healthy strands come from a well being and a well-maintained and moisturized scalp. Too much shampooing will negatively affect the natural balance. If you have oily hair, bear with it for a day or two to help brittle ends. A bit of baby powder is all you need to lessen the greasiness. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables as well as protein, since it is imperative for the production and natural maintenance of hair, which is comprised of protein. Salmon, dark green vegetables and beans are filled with nutrients that will support gorgeous locks. Supplements such as vitamin E and calcium will help overall health as well as new hair coming in. For dead, hopeless hair, all you can do is wait for new, firm strands to grow so make sure you are supporting them.

You can get healthy hair naturally by embracing what it does by nature. This takes time but it will repair and look much better. You can always turn to nature to help out lackluster strands. Natural, home-made hair helpers include real mayonnaise (should only have egg, vinegar, salt and oil), plain yogurt, avocado and olive oil. Apply these to the bottom half of dampened hair and let sit for about ten minutes. Rinse out as usual. Go easy on olive oil since it is very rich and too much will make thin hair look grimy. Another quick fix? If you have no special hair product handy to apply to ends, just use a dab of body lotion. would like to hear from you! Comment on here or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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