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Are Your Friends Helping You Move? Make It Work with These Tips!

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Are Your Friends Helping You Move? Make It Work with These Tips! Normally, we would be the first to suggest that you shouldn’t let friends help you move. There are just too many risks involved and the professional movers on are just too affordable for you to settle. But, if you are intent on skipping the moving company and trusting in your friends, this guide will give you the tools you need to make it all work. The following tips will increase your chances of having a successful moving day with your buddies in tow.

Choose the Right Friends

Your group of friends is a diverse one. There are certain people that you go on vacations with. Then there’s an entirely different group that you hang out with at artsy events. When the time comes for you to peg friends to help you move, reach out to the ones that are reliable and hardworking. If you don’t give this selection process some serious thought, you could end up struggling through your moving day alone while all your text messages get avoided and your calls get sent to voicemail.

Make Things Easy

Even though your friends may not be seasoned house movers, it doesn’t mean they can’t look the part. Since you’re the one moving, you should be proactive and get all of the moving supplies beforehand. Things such as lifting gloves, plastic covers for your furniture, adequate moving boxes are all must haves. If you end up having to put things on hold to collect these things, your friends might lose interest in helping you all together.

Eliminate Distractions

While it’s okay to talk and reflect on old times during your move, you don’t want to have to constantly pull your friends away from the television while you work. Unplug all of your electronics and put away the board games long before they show up at your front door. The more distractions you have, the slower your transition will be.

Know When to Get Extra Help

Even though it’s sweet of your friends to sacrifice their time and help you out, there are some things that are better off in the hands of the professionals. For instance, if you need to get your grand piano downstairs or transport a heavy aquarium, are you really willing to trust your friends to get it done safely? Evade the hefty repair/replacement costs by reaching out to a team of local movers if you have to.

Show Your Appreciation

Once you get all of your things into your new apartment, don’t be so quick to kick your friends out so you can decorate. Instead, put the designing on hold and take the group out to a nice dinner. After all, you just might need them to help you move again in a few years.

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