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Do You Need an Excuse to Break Your Lease? This Moving Guide Will Help

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Do You Need an Excuse to Break Your Lease? This Moving Guide Will Help Signing an apartment lease is always a big deal. In essence, you will be jumping into a legal agreement with your landlord where you will be responsible for holding up your end of the bargain. So what happens when you decide that you want to relocate for a promising job, budding relationship or any other reason in the middle of your lease? That’s right; you will have to find a way to get out of your contract before hiring another team of movers. Today, is going to tell you about some excuses that might give you the freedom to move on without having to pay heavy dues.

Poor Conditions

Do You Need an Excuse to Break Your Lease? This Moving Guide Will Help When you first moved into your apartment, you expected your landlord to do everything in his/her power to keep the place in tip top shape, didn’t you? If you can prove that the maintenance staff simply hasn’t been doing their job, you might be able to get out of your lease with minor repercussions. But in order for this to work, you have to get in the habit of documenting everything. Take pictures of your roach-infested apartment and track all of the emails you sent to your negligent landlord about the problem.

Broken Promises

Even if your apartment is cozy and comfortable as ever, there are other tactics that you can use to get out of a lease. Let’s start by carefully reading over the agreement. Is there any mention of a new fitness center that was supposed to be built three months ago? Or maybe there’s a paragraph that talks about renovated hallways and a brand new laundry room that were already in the works. If none of these changes are even close to happening, call your landlord on it and ask to move on.

When the Government Calls

Do You Need an Excuse to Break Your Lease? This Moving Guide Will Help In most states, getting enlisted in the military is enough to free you from all of your rental obligations completely. But even though you may not have any plans to fight for your country, you can still put a spin on things by bringing up any government-assisted program. If you accepted a new job offer in another part of the country, tell your landlord that the government needs you for an educational training program. Hey, it just might work.

The Unemployment Line

Nowadays, more and more landlords allow tenants to break leasing agreements if they suddenly become unemployed. So if you were recently fired, ask your former boss to draw you up a letter with the company letterhead in place. Again, you should consult your lease to see if you are eligible for this option.

Family Drama

Although most landlords love to act all tough and stern, they all have soft spots. If you insist that you need to move to take care of a sick family member or take your child to a unique school, it might be enough to disregard the lease all together.

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