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Buying a New Cell Phone – No Strings Attached

Posted on February 7th, 2011 by

Cell phones, cell phones, cell phones. We get mad when they don’t stop ringing or getting text messages, yet when we don’t have them we feel as unprotected as if we were standing naked in the middle of the football field during the Super Bowl Half time. Ok, maybe this is a bit extreme, but nowadays people depend on these electronic gadgets more than ever.

Whether you drop your phone in the bathroom faucet or if it just got possessed and stopped working out of nowhere, chances are you are desperate to get a new phone. There is just a small problem, you have no insurance (wrong choice by the way), you are not even close to the upgrade period with your current plan, and you definitely can’t afford paying over $400 for a new phone similar to the one you had. These things happen. Regardless of why you ended without a phone, you can find a cheap phone for sale without paying the exuberant amounts for their retail price and the best part, no strings attached.

While it is not easy to find a cheap phone without getting into a two-year contract, it certainly is not impossible. Remember when you thought you would never find affordable and efficient movers for your relocations? Well, with a little bit of research you found The same thing will happen with your phone.  The first thing you should do is get in touch with your service provider and see if they can help you out. They will be able to check if by any chance your current phone is under warranty or if there are any other alternate options to your phone. If there is no luck, then keep reading there is no reason to get frustrated.

  1. Figure out what phone you want. If you like a phone that is not from your service provider, you can still be able to get a hold of one. You just have to look into phones that are labeled as “unlocked.” This phones work best for those who have a SIM card as they will be able to simply insert the card in the assign slot and voilà you have a new phone. This allows you flexibility in choosing companies you want to work with.
  2. Go to the store that carries the phones you are interested in. All the major phone companies will sell you phones without having you buy a cell phone plan but you need to know in advanced that you will most likely be paying three times more than if you were to get a new contract.
  3. Check online. Looking for deals online might be your safest choice. Not only will you have a wide variety of phones to choose from, but you will also find competitive prices. Sites such as Amazon or Ebay have lots of unlocked cell phones up for auction and for sale. Some other sites are and your local Craigslist Ads.
  4. Pay as you go or Go phones. These tend to be the ones most people lean towards to. For those who aren’t up for the famous upgrade plan, or do not want to get into a contract right now, getting a go phone or prepaid mobile phones is an affordable and safe way of acquiring a new phone. With these cell phones you simply buy minutes from a service provider as you need them or you pay for the actual use of the phone instead of a monthly plan.
  5. Get a piggy bank. Start saving up and get one of your old phones in the meanwhile. Remember, getting a new phone it’s usually not going to be cheap so save until you can afford the phones that you like.

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2 Responses to “Buying a New Cell Phone – No Strings Attached”

  1. Jesica

    No strings attached prepaid is best, who wants bondage and crazy bill shock and hidden fee’s with contracts?
    I do recommend Net10′s prepaid plans that are flexible,eg: $15/200 min,$25/750 min & $50/unlimited and their introductory smart phone LG900G with fast web browsing for only between $30 – $39.
    For the mainstream cell phone user that’s budget conscious and wants fast web browsing, this phone and plan is your answer.

  2. Emily

    I totally agree with Jesica, prepaid would be the better choice for someone in that kind of situation. If you did lose or break your phone and never got insurance then it’s likely that you don’t really have money to be wasting on buying a whole new phone. Net10 prepaid in particular offers some cheap phones and plans that’ll get the job done until you save up the money to buy yourself a new phone. Then once you have it’s likely that you can unlock the new phone and insert your sim card in order to continue saving money with the net10 plan.

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