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Want to Buy Quality Furniture at Low Prices? Here’s Where You Should Look

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Moving day has finally arrived! But besides your bed, armoire, and desk, there really isn’t much furniture that the moving company has to move. If you’re moving from a small space to a bigger one, you’re going to need some furniture to fill up all the room you now have.

What if you don’t want to spend anymore than you already have on your relocation? Don’t sweat it – you can easily find low-cost, cheap furniture and even FREE stuff when you know where to look. Here are the top four sources for getting quality furniture at rock-bottom prices:

  1. Garage Sales: There’s nothing like perusing through someone else’s unwanted junk! But garage sales are a great way to find the furniture you need at a great price. Coffee tables, mirrors, home décor, even bed frames are all yours to take home – if you can wake up early enough to snag the items you want.
  2. You can find anything and everything on this catch-all site. Get a great deal on a barely used sectional here. Haggle your way to a lower price on an entertainment center from a guy just down the street from you. Post a listing of your own if you haven’t had any luck finding a new kitchen table and chair set. The best part about Craigslist is that listings are free, and you can narrow down where to pick up furniture by location. The best time to find free or reduced furniture is during the weekend as people list items that weren’t sold during their garage sales.
  3. Similar to Craigslist, offers free listings for all of the unwanted stuff people hesitate to send to the dump. That includes furniture in good shape, so take a peek at your local Freecycle chapter and see what you can find for your new home.
  4. Thrift Ships: Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and many religious organizations manage their own thrift shops. Getting cheap furniture here will not only help you decorate your home for less, but you’re also supporting a cause you believe in. Prices may be a bit higher than the other three sources, but you’ll still pay considerably less than you would for new pieces of furniture.

If you plan on picking up furniture, make sure you bribe your buddy that owns the pick-up with a few beers and pizza for some help transporting your furniture home. You may also want to look into a good furniture cleaning service or upholstery service for a thorough cleaning of furniture like mattresses, couches, and chairs. The last thing you want is an invasion of bed bugs in your new home, which has recently become quite a nuisance in many places throughout the country.

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