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Breaking the News! How to Tell Family and Friends that You’re Moving

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Breaking the News! How to Tell Family and Friends that Youre MovingNot all relocation ventures are planned months in advanced. Sometimes life just forces us to just pack up our things and go. If your boss recently gave you word about an unexpected job transfer or you accepted an opportunity that you simply couldn’t turn away from, it’s time for you to start making plans for the cross country shift. Today, will help you tackle one of the hardest parts of relocating . . . breaking the news to your loved ones. While saying goodbye is never easy, these tips will help you through.

Face the Reality

Before you proceed to tell anyone about the upcoming move, you should take some time to process the news on your own. Start calling moving companies in the area in search of an affordable team of house movers. Next, do some research on the city that you’re moving to so that you’re not as rattled about the whole transition. After you come to terms with everything, you will be poised enough to talk to the people in your circle about it.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t allow yourself to shy away from telling the people that you care about most. We know that you will be worried about letting them down and all, but the more you put it off, the more last minute the news will seem. Let’s get to it today!

Use Strategy

Once you build up the courage to talk about your sudden relocation, make sure you tell the people who are closest to you first. The last thing you want to do is tell your one friend who loves to gossip before anyone else. If your parents and best friend get word about your move from anyone but you, it could lead to some resentment. It may also be wise to meet up with friends one at a time so that you won’t have to deal with the pressure of being in a crowded room.

Timing Matters

While it’s imperative to get the announcement out of the way, you probably shouldn’t do it at a birthday party for one of your friends. Your departure will undoubtedly bring some tears and a lot of disappointment to those who love you most. Choose the right time to talk about it.

Sell the Positives

Moving away is always bittersweet and your family and friends will probably be worried about you. That’s why you should talk about how good the shift will be for your career and how you’re looking forward to living out your dreams. If you do, the people who want the best for you will start planning your going away party in a heartbeat.

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