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Travel tips for Staying Healthy While Away

Posted on November 15th, 2010 by

When you are moving or traveling either for work or pleasure, many recommend advance planning and lots of preparation. Although essential for certain things, there are other times in which you could just go with the flow and deal with the unexpected; it kind of gives it an extra sense of excitement and mystery. After all, who doesn’t like surprises?

Regardless of what you are planning to do, where you are moving to or what type of vacation plans you might have, one surprise no one wants to get is to be sick. Getting the flu or just a regular cold could mean the end of your trip or would require for you to re-schedule the moving services you hired.
If you want to ensure that your trip goes on without any inconveniences, here are some essential tips for staying healthy while traveling away from home:

First Aid Kits are ALWAYS Necessary
Regardless if you’ve never opened the first aid kit your mom bought for you when you were relocating off to college, never underestimate the importance of these life savior item.  Your suitcase is already tight packed up and there is no space for a first aid kit, lies…if there is space for that extra pair of boots, there is still enough space for something that is extremely important for you to have.  It doesn’t have to be huge; a small first aid or medical kit is always a smart idea and you’ll want to stock it appropriately for wherever you’re headed. What should you include in this kit, you ask yourself?

General Items to Include in Your Traveling First Aid Kit:

  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Disinfectant
  • Pain relievers
  • Tweezers
  • Allergy pills
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Sunscreen/aloe
  • Medicine for stomach upset
  • Any other medication that you know you might need

Whether you are moving or going on your dream trip 10 or 100,000 miles away from home, there’s always a slight chance that you’ll get sick or God forbid, be involved in an accident. That is why getting moving company insurance and travel insurance is always recommended. In fact, it is not a bad idea to check with your health insurance provider if the health insurance you have will cover you at your destination. Travelers have the option to purchase a single-time trip or annual membership which include medical and travel assistance services such as 24-hour medical helpline, emergency transportation, and 24/7 emergency travel arrangements, amongst many other services.
But, regardless if you get insurance or not, you can always take care of your health and prevent any sickness to tag along. Here is how to do it:

Watch what you eat
Whether you are traveling abroad or if you are taking that Euro trip you’ve always dream of, paying attention to what you eat and drink is necessary to maintain a good health during your travels. Although experimenting and trying out different foods is part of the traveling experience, make sure that you are not eating anything that might cause you indigestion or any type of allergies. When ordering food, make sure that the hot foods are hot, and the cold foods are cold. If you’re traveling to a country where the water supply is not potable, make it a rule to only eat foods that have been peeled or thoroughly cooked – skip the salads and opt for the sautés.

Pay a visit to your doctor before leaving
Make sure that you do your research and learn what type of diseases might be in the area. Before going on this journey, make an appointment with a travel health clinic or your family doctor and get the vaccinations necessary as well as having a regular routine check. If you’re staying within the country, flu vaccinations should be a priority; remember that diseases and infections usually spread more easily in busy airports and on airplanes.

Remember that just like when you were planning your move, advance planning and sticking to your traveling plans will make your trip go off without a hitch. Being sick is something that no one likes or wants, let alone when you are about to embark in a fun and exciting trip.

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