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Relocating for Work? Avoid These 3 Mistakes at Your New Job

Posted on October 11th, 2011 by

Relocating for a new career means fresh starts and new beginnings. Making a good first impression at your new job after your relocation is vital to how you’ll be viewed by not only your peers but upper level management as well. Many common and simple mistakes are often made within what’s called the probation period of your job. During this time you’re watched closely by not only supervisors and managers but certain peers, who may be asked to rate your performance as well. — Read More »

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Done Moving and Still Cleaning Up After Your Kids? Create a Chore Chart

Posted on October 7th, 2011 by

Parents, especially you the superhero stay-at-home mother or father, this blog was written with you in mind! You and your family have recently moved into a new home, and after unpacking all the boxes and the organizing the house, you’re still doing chores that your children could be doing. We know that after uprooting your kid from their comfort zone, you feel a sense of responsibility to help them adjust to their new environment. While allowing them study and leisure time, you’ve been making their beds, cleaning up their toys, washing their dishes and cleaning their bathrooms. Somehow, you manage to fit in a shower before you topple over your bed at night. Don’t burn out dad, delegate! — Read More »

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Don’t Let Your Slim Budget Add Extra Pounds! 3 Frugal Ways to Keep Up with Your Workout

Posted on October 6th, 2011 by

Although moving is a workout in itself, once it’s over, a feeling of laziness swoops through to throw you off track. Staying in shape after a relocation doesn’t have to be difficult or costly, if you take the time to find the cheap alternatives. Getting acclimated to your neighborhood through fitness will produce new friends and a new look. So, break out that iPod and get ready to sweat! has three frugal ways for you to stay looking fit and fabulous after your relocation. — Read More »

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6 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Awful Job More Bearable

Posted on October 5th, 2011 by

Everyone knows that you hate going to work everyday. You and your boss don’t really get along anymore and all your coworkers seem to do is annoy you at every opportunity. Thankfully, has come up with some tips to help you out. Today we’re going to go over six steps you should take to make your horrible job more bearable.  — Read More »

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Moved in and Ready to Start a Family? Take the Borrow a Baby Challenge!

Posted on October 4th, 2011 by

Home, sweet home! You and your partner have had a recent move into your new home. As a couple, you both have finally achieved your goal to upgrade to a better home with more square feet. Now you and your partner may be imagining the pitter-pattering sound of little feet. Is expanding your family by having a child or adopting your next step? If neither one of you have had a child before, how can you be assured you are ready as a couple for parenting? — Read More »

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