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Moving to the Caribbean? Take Heed to These Tips Before You Leave

Posted on October 27th, 2010 by

Most Caribbean islands are synonymous with sun, sand and sea for a reason – there is an abundance of all three factors throughout the region. Whether you opt to relocate to the tranquil shores of countries like The Bahamas and Jamaica, or you prefer the cultural richness found in places like Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados, there are some things you should consider before contacting professional movers. Let’s go over some of the tips you should follow to make your move to the tropical Caribbean an enjoyable one.

First, you should pack an extra supply of sun tan lotion and weather appropriate clothing. If you currently live in a country or state that’s known for brutal, cold winters, you can rest assured that you won’t be having many of those in the Caribbean. Depending what country you move to, it may get cold enough to wear a light jacket and a scarf. But what are the chances that you will need your ski boots and snowboard in Nassau, Bahamas? Instead of overloading your suitcase with winter clothing, feel free to think summer year-round. Invest in a lot of shorts and cotton material slacks if you want to be comfortable.

Next, you should take the time to pack some of your favorite food and drink items. Have you ever heard of a drink called GoomBay Punch? What about a beer called Sands? These items are household names in most of the Caribbean islands. If you are accustomed to certain brands of junk food, you may want to have enough with you to last you at least a few months. Often, moving to the Caribbean means giving up a lot of luxuries found in America. Unfortunately, junk food and most fast food restaurants is not an exception to this rule.

The next step calls for a mental adjustment of the avid party goer. In America, there are more than enough opportunities to let loose and have fun. When you relocate to the Caribbean, these options will prove to be extremely limited. Instead of having three to four night clubs in one area, you will be lucky if you have more than one club on the entire island. In America, people stress out over where to go on a certain night. In parts of the Caribbean, there won’t be more than one choice.

Since there are not as many people in the Caribbean, social circles are much smaller. It’s important that you find a group of friends you can trust. In a small community, your reputation is everything. Stay true to your morals and don’t jeopardize the way you are viewed by the general public. By taking heed to this easy to follow advice, you will be less surprised and more ready for island life than before.

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