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Impress the New Neighbors Instantly by Drinking Wine Like a Pro!

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Impress the New Neighbors Instantly by Drinking Wine Like a Pro!Moving to a new state provides tons of opportunity to restart a career, pursue education goals and most importantly, become a brand new you. Unlike the first two benefits, reworking that not-so-glamorous reputation must begin right away with first impressions. If the housewarming party goes wrong, you have lost your best chance to show your new neighbors and coworkers how awesome you are, and thus might seriously regret your relocation. How do you avoid failing miserably? Simple: by mastering how to open, pour, serve and drink a fabulous bottle of wine.

Uncorking: Practice Makes Perfect

Impress the New Neighbors Instantly by Drinking Wine Like a Pro!If you have never opened a bottle of wine before, it is imperative your first bottle not be the one you choose for the party. Start having wine for dinner so you can practice the process of selecting and uncorking. To learn about wine quality, visit your local wine shop or wine bar and any merchant will gladly share their expertise. Ultimately, stay away from wine that comes in a box, has a screw top or is made in mass quantity (for instance, if a grocery store stocks five shelves of a single bottle and its price is below $8).

To open a bottle:

1. Choose a sommelier knife corkscrew, not an automatic.
2. Hold the bottle upright and stick the corkscrew’s tip in the middle of the cork.
3. Twist until halfway through, bring arm down for leverage and pull screw to vertical position.
4. Bring corkscrew back to horizontal position, and pull upward to bring cork out completely.

Pouring: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Impress the New Neighbors Instantly by Drinking Wine Like a Pro!Everything that involves wine should be slow, and pouring is no exception. Select stemware; if you try to pour wine into anything else, your reputation has no chance. Hold the glass upright, and pour the wine slowly – avoid sloshing – until you have reached the glass’ widest diameter. This should make the glass about 1/3 full. To impress your guests even further, purchase an aerator. To use, simply pour the wine through the aerator, directly into the glass. This way, guests do not have to wait and let their wine breathe to fully appreciate its taste.

Serving: Proper Etiquette Is Everything

Impress the New Neighbors Instantly by Drinking Wine Like a Pro!Once you have poured your guest a glass, pick it up by the stem with one hand, only supporting the bottom with the tips of your index and thumb. Holding the entire glass with your hand risks altering the wine’s temperature. NEVER serve wine with ice cubes. Finally, make sure you think through which food will be served with your wine. If you opted for white wine, you should be serving light food (ex. seafood), while heavier foods (ex. steak) should be paired with red wine.

Drinking: Appreciation, Not Hydration

Impress the New Neighbors Instantly by Drinking Wine Like a Pro!Drinking your glass of wine is the final step in solidifying your awesomeness. If it goes wrong, you may need to call your moving company back and leave town. Now that you are properly holding your wine glass, swish the wine around a little to witness whether or not it sticks to the glass. If it creates streaks, those are actually “legs”that represent the wine’s alcohol content. Not only will this show you how to pace yourself and prevent any embarrassing moments throughout the party, but it is also an impressive fact to share. Next, inhale slightly above the glass, and then take a sip – do not chug! Hold the wine in your mouth for a few seconds to further breathe in the aroma. This is the best way to enjoy the wine’s many layers of flavor. Continue to drink at a similar pace to how one would drink coffee or a martini.

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