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Are You Feeding Your Dog Right? Why and How to Switch to Healthy Dog Food

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Are You Feeding Your Dog Right? Why and How to Switch to Healthy Dog FoodWhat are you feeding your dog? Is it in a brightly colored pouch that had the cheapest price? Did you check the ingredients to see how wholesome it is for your beloved pet? You may not know it, but what you are feeding your dog may be detrimental to its health. is here to tell you how to choose healthy dog food that will provide the nutrition your pet needs. While moving, you strive to keep your pet safe. Why not protect him through diet?

How Dogs Are Wired

In the wild, dogs are carnivorous yet have somewhat of an omnivorous ability. Their digestive systems are equipped for the digestion of meat but they do have diversity in their diet. They can and will eat plants. A domesticated dog is still rigged for a carnivorous diet. They require a few protein rich meals a day. Dogs’ systems are not designed for the breaking down of carbohydrates found in wheat and corn since they lack the enzymes to do so that are found in omnivores and herbivores. However, dogs can consume and do enjoy vegetables. For optimal health, the best kind of food to give to your dog will have meat as the first ingredient. Vegetables are fine as long as they are further down on the list. Be weary of dog food that contains wheat. Avoid any food with corn. Corn has been linked to a number of diseases and disorders in the later years of a dog’s life such as weight gain, diabetes and skin problems. If your dog suffers from dry, itchy and flaky skin, a groomer will most likely suggest changing its food.

Choosing the Best Kind of Dog Food

With this in mind, you should have no problem choosing the right kind of dog food. A pet store will have more selection than a regular grocer. Remember to look for foods with meat as the first ingredient and be sure it is free of corn and other fillers. Healthy dog food may cost a little more than cheap brands, but what is your pet worth to you? Feeding Fido the best type of dog food will bring him a longer, more robust and happier life. If you want to keep your pal around, feed him a healthy dog diet since he deserves better quality nutrition. Give your best friend something good and beneficial.

The best kind of dog food to give to your dog will have relatively few ingredients with pronounceable names. Health-conscious people apply this rule to their diets and so should concerned dog owners. The best dog foods include real meat at the top of the ingredients list followed by vegetables and antioxidants that will support your pet’s immune system, muscle growth and bone structure. There are various types of healthy dog foods in the market today (ranging from holistic, all-natural and organic), all of which are great so it may be difficult to compare dog food. Ask your local supplier or pet store for details or even if they have small sample sizes. Often, stores will feature a product specialist that will be happy to share information with you.

Making the Switch

It may take a few tries, but eventually you will find a brand that works for you and your dog. The best type of dog food is one that is both nutritious and one that your dog will savor. Don’t switch your pet’s subsistence from one minute to the next because dogs have sensitive stomachs. Swapping food too quickly will cause them to have an upset stomach, diarrhea or cause them to vomit. Be sure to have some of the old dog food left and gradually add more of the new food and less of the old until it runs out. If your dog refuses to eat the new food, mix it a bit with canned wet food of the same brand to make it more palatable. Remember, if you were once feeding your dog a low-quality food, switching to healthy is like trying to give a child broccoli after years of eating pastries. It will take time. If the new food disagrees with your pet’s stomach, perhaps it is the beef or meat content (they may need to adjust to eating real, wholesome meat, not by-products and fillers). Surprisingly, many dogs have allergic reactions to beef. Try foods with lighter meats such as chicken, lamb or fish.

Some dog owners are really persnickety about what their prized pet eats, so they make homemade dog food with fresh ingredients. If you prefer whipping up a homemade dog diet, begin to research healthy dog food recipes. Preparing your own dog food at home may be time consuming and challenging since you must educate yourself about proper dog nutrition, but many swear by the benefits.

Thankfully, as more and more owners acknowledge that their dogs need and deserve wholesome and healthy food, more optimal kibble is available, which makes choosing the right dog food easier. Prices are increasingly more affordable since the selection is broader, yet loving dog owners know that there are no price tags on their pups. Discover what your local pet store is offering today so you and your dog can enjoy the goodness that healthy dog food brings.

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