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Five New Years Eve Must Haves for the Fun Loving Young Professional

Posted on December 16th, 2010 by

Although New Years Eve is always a day filled with energy and expectations, it is undoubtedly a lot more fun when you are young and living out the best times of your life. Regardless of whether you live in the heart of an epicenter like New York City or you reside in a small family-oriented town like Provo, Utah, you can make your New Years Eve one for the history books – if you follow these five tips. While most other blogs that you read will advise you to buy funky party hats and conjure up a New Years resolution that you can achieve. However, this is Let’s get into a more innovative listing of the 5 things you will need.

  1. People to See & Places to Go: No one should be sitting at home alone in their apartment on New Years Eve. Even if you just moved to a city, you could’ve asked the professional movers who helped you relocate for some party ideas. It doesn’t matter if you plan to attend a rooftop shindig, an old school house party or just hang out in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant with your closest friends, it’s important to have set plans that you can look forward to. After all, where you go and what you do will determine the next must have on our list.
  2. The Right Outfit: Once you settle on a place, you will have to find something to wear. Most people put great thought and preparation into their outfits for this night, so make sure that yours is up to par. If you are going to a fancy club or lounge, males can never go wrong in a suit or blazer. If this is too much then just wear some fitted jeans and a really nice button up shirt. Stay away from shorts and sandals unless you’re going to a party on the beach. For females, nothing works better than a tiny black dress and some heels. Try to avoid the dresses and skirts with sparkle and glitter everywhere – a million other people will be wearing that.
  3. Date: With your party plans and a fresh outfit picked out, all you need is a date. This part may be a bit more difficult. Try to find someone who you know that you won’t have a problem having a fun with. Avoid anyone who could potentially cause drama and mess up your night. It’s New Years Eve and you want to party! If you can’t find a date, just attend the party with close friends. There’s sure to be a lot of singles out and about no matter where you go. Take advantage of the opportunity to mingle.
  4. Champagne: Nothing sets the mood at on New Years Eve quite like a little; okay we mean a lot of bubbly. You are celebrating making it through the past year and looking forward to the next one. If you can’t afford a $300 plus bottle of Cristal or Ace of Spades, you can run down to your local liquor store and find some for less than 20 bucks. Put your champagne glasses up and get ready for the countdown!
  5. Fireworks: Much like champagne, fireworks add to the overall appeal of New Years Eve. Even though it’s kind of cliché, we simply couldn’t leave it off the list since so many people look forward to them going off. Can you picture locking lips with your date in a crowded room as fireworks explode in the background? Happy New Years.

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