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Five Pretty Good Reasons Why You Should Move to Wheeling, West Virginia

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Five Pretty Good Reasons Why You Should Move to Wheeling, West VirginiaIf you are considering making a move to Wheeling, WV, tell us what’s holding you back. Are you worried that the city won’t be entertaining enough for you? Or maybe you are just concerned that relocating to Wheeling might mean you will have to take a step back in your career, right? Well, no matter what your hangups are, this MovingCost.com blog will help you get rid of them in a hurry. Welcome to our list of the 5 reasons you should get rid of your doubts and head for Wheeling soon.

First off, Wheeling has one of the more unique downtown areas that you will find in the country. Yeah, we know that every city claims to have a downtown district that’s filled with all the amenities you need in one convenient area. While Wheeling really does provide that, there’s something about the mix of old buildings and new development that makes Wheeling feel like a city in transition. As you make your way around skyscrapers and historic buildings, it will become evident that you live in a city where tradition is valued.

In addition to the allure of Downtown, the city is home to one of the best parks in the state. While community parks are not rare by any means, you won’t find many like Wheeling Park. Located at 1801 National Road, this 406-acre park has everything from an olympic-sized pool and water slide to an ice rink. So if you are in need of something to do while your movers unpack your items, head for Wheeling Park!

Okay, so maybe you are looking to do something more than hang out at the park. Thankfully, Wheeling always has a full calendar of events. This is yet another reason why you should sprint away from your boring hometown and make your way to Wheeling. No matter what part of the city you live in, you are bound to get invites to book readings, community cookouts and even weekly game nights at the local bingo hall. Oh, and let’s not forget about The Capitol Theatre (1015 Main St); the one place where you can see the shows that will have the entire city tuned in.

If you get hungry while you are checking out some of the fun events in Wheeling, you will love the selection of great restaurants here. Some of the top choices are Coleman’s Fish Market (2226 Market St), Later Alligator (2145 Market St) and Deano’s (1029 Mount De Chantal Rd). So if you don’t like to cook much, you will be just fine in Wheeling.

Although all of these things make Wheeling an attractive place to visit, it is the strong economy and friendly residents here that make it the perfect place to live. Moving to Wheeling will give you a chance to not only pursue your goals, but achieve them as well. Get your moving plans started today!

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