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The 5 Magazine Subscriptions that Are Worth Getting in Weirton, WV

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The 5 Magazine Subscriptions that Are Worth Getting  in Weirton, WVSome people use magazines as a guide to their lives. Others simply stock up on them as a source of entertainment. Regardless of what triggered your love for the fun publications, it is certain that you will want to keep up with your reading at your new home in Weirton, WV. Before you subscribe to the same old magazines that repeat stories over and over, take a look at this MovingCost.com moving guide. Here’s our list of the 5 magazines you should consider.

  1. Family Handyman: Once you get done with the professional movers and start to settle down in your new place, chances are there will be some things that you will want to change. Perhaps you won’t like the shade of paint that’s in your bedroom. Or maybe you will want to change the faucet in the bathroom to make it look more modern. Instead of hiring an expensive company to upgrade your home, get step-by-step instructions from Family Handyman. From do-it-yourself projects to all the home repair tips you can think of, this magazine is a definite money saver.
  2. Health: If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, Health magazine will give you the monthly pointers needed to get out of the slump. Are you looking for ways to get rid of heartburn? Or perhaps you need some help putting together a workout/diet plan that works for you. In any event, the pages of Health will be able to assist you. In this month’s issue, country music sensation Miranda Lambert gives insight on balancing cardio despite having a hectic schedule.
  3. VMAN: And now for the most surprising entry on our list, say hello to VMAN magazine. This men’s fashion magazine features cutting edge trends and helps you piece together your wardrobe according to the season. VMAN would be the perfect addition to an art gallery or any small business in Weirton that’s geared toward the fashion industry.
  4. Taste of Home: Although Weirton is home to great restaurants like Dee Jay’s BBQ Ribs and Grille (380 Three Springs Dr), there will be times when you won’t feel like eating out. If you’re not the best cook in the world, don’t beat yourself up. All you have to do is subscribe to Taste of Home – a magazine that includes detailed recipes with easy-to-follow instructions. Some of the latest entries in Taste of Home are braised pork chops, chicken artichoke casserole and key lime mousse cups. Are you getting hungry yet?
  5. ESPN The Magazine: It makes perfect sense that the best sports network in the world would give light to the top sports publication on the market. With ESPN The Magazine, you will get a mix of well-written stories and breath-taking sports images in your mailbox twice per month.

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