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Your Student Visa Help Guide: Read This Blog for Some Helpful Tips!

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Your Student Visa Help Guide: Read This Blog for Some Helpful Tips! As you’re reading this guide, thousands of students around the world are taking the appropriate steps to get their student visas. After all, it is one of the more critical documents that you will need if you hope to make your way to Fayetteville, NC from another country to attend college. If you’re a bit confused by the whole process, this blog will give you some tips that will break it all down for you. Follow these steps before it’s too late.

Stop Procrastinating

Although some people will advise you to wait until you get some other documents in hand before you make an appointment, it’s always best to jump on it right away. Believe us when we say that the U.S. Embassy branch in your home country will probably be extremely busy right now with tons of students just like you applying for visas. Since you may have to wait a month or more anyway, you should contact the nearest U.S Embassy or Consulate office now!

Work with Your School

Regardless of whether you got accepted to Fayetteville State University or one of the smaller institutions in the area, you should contact your school right away to talk about your visa. By working closely with the school’s international student’s department, you will be able to get your I-20 Form in a hurry. This form is an agreement of sorts between you and the school that clearly outlines your area of study and the anticipated length of the program as well. Once this form is done, you will then file a visa application (Form DS-156) and proceed to the next step.

Collect the Necessary Documents

In addition to the I-20 Form, you will also need to gather transcripts from your old high school and test scores from any college level exams that you might have taken recently. Next, take some time to make sure you have a passport that won’t expire in the next 6 months, a clear 2×2 picture that meets the government’s photo requirements and proof that you paid both the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and visa application fees. As if that’s not enough, you will also have to provide bank statements and/or letters from your sponsor to show that you can afford to live and study in Fayetteville.

Prep for the Interview

Oh, there’s more to the interview preparation than collecting all of the previously mentioned documents. You may even want to give yourself practice interview questions so you are ready for whatever is thrown at you. Basically, you should be able to explain why you want to attend your college of choice while making it clear that you’re genuinely passionate about your area of study.

Stay on Track

Once your student visa is approved, remember that it is just a small part of the international student puzzle. To stay in good standing with the government, contact your student adviser regarding anything that you’re uncertain about.

Now, go call up a team of movers and get your college career started!

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