Are You Thinking About Moving to Lincoln, NE? Here’s Why You Should!

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Are You Thinking About Moving to Lincoln, NE? Heres Why You Should!This is your ultimate Lincoln, NE crash course. As the second most populous city in the state, you already know that Lincoln will provide you with a barrage of entertainment options and all the big city amenities that you can ever ask for. But, what else is there to Lincoln? Is it a city that you can make major career moves in? Will you be able to mesh and fit into the social fabric of the city? All of your questions will be answered in this edition of local moving.

At, we tend to show a liking to cities that are built by the kind of neighborhoods that everyday people can identify with. Too often you read about expensive suburbs where houses are in the million dollar zip codes and everyone settles down in gated communities. While that must be nice, most people live in affordable middle-class communities – much like the ones you will find in Lincoln. With areas such as Belmont, Fox Hollow, and Williamsburg, just to name a few, you will be able to make the most of a low cost of living in a safe environment.

As home to the University of Nebraska, many would expect Lincoln to be your typical loud college town. Instead, the city is a prime example of what an All-American city on the move should be. As students prep for their upcoming exams at Stauffer’s Cafe and Pie Shoppe (5600 South 48th St), maybe you can check out one of the top restaurants in the city. At Billy’s (1301H Street), you can enjoy the popular cheddar burger or delicious turkey melt croissant. Another well-liked restaurant in downtown Lincoln is Barry’s Bar and Grill (235 N. 9th Street).

In addition to the attractive neighborhoods and must-visit eateries, Lincoln also has the kind of arts scene that will make you swoon. On April 1st, you can catch the hilarious Menopause: The Musical show at the Lied Center for the Performing Arts (301 N. 12th St). If you are looking for a more intimate show, stop by The Zoo Bar 9136 N. 14th St) for their open stage night on April 4th. This show will promptly introduce you to some of the best talent in the Lincoln area.

When you move to Lincoln, you will be a mere day’s drive away from cities such as Denver and Chicago. If you couple the city’s prime location with the employment opportunities and welcoming neighborhoods that you will find here, you will no longer hesitate to finalize your moving plans. Get in contact with a crew of house movers soon so that you can start looking forward to your future in Lincoln.

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