Need a Place to Stay? Convince Your Family Member with These Tips

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Need a Place to Stay? Convince Your Family Member with These TipsWhen that team of professional movers first led you into your new home in Mesa, AZ, you hoped that the new start would lead you into a world of wealth and success, didn’t you? Unfortunately, your new business has yet to take off and you’ve fallen on hard times. If your recent fate has forced you to give up your luxury apartment, this guide will show you how you can get a family member to shelter you. Take heed to these tips from today.

Have the Right Approach

Just because you’re related to someone, it doesn’t mean they are entitled to be there for you. So if you were thinking about bringing up old favors you did for your parents, or any other family member you want to move in with, just forget about it. Humble yourself and be as polite as possible.

Be Honest

Listen, we all have times where we go through rough patches. So there’s no reason for you to be ashamed of your lack of success right now. Of course your pride will push you to come up with some elaborate lie explaining why you need a place to stay. But if you’re not honest and straightforward, your cousin could easily just point you towards the nearest hotel. Skip the games and make it clear that you can’t afford to live on your own right now.

Give a Time Line

Need a Place to Stay? Convince Your Family Member with These TipsWhen you ask your sister if you can move in with her and her boyfriend, it will take some time for her to think it over before saying no. However, when you ask her if you can stay on her couch for two to three weeks until you get a new place, it won’t seem nearly as bad. Even if you don’t really have any plans to move out in the coming weeks, this will make it easier for you to get your foot in the door. That’s all you need to focus on right now.

Talk About Contributions

Need a Place to Stay? Convince Your Family Member with These TipsEven though you may not have a job right now, make it clear that you’ve saved up some money and you will be happy to help buy grocery or contribute however you can. But if your funds are completely wiped out, you can find other ways to make your presence felt in the household. Perhaps you can cook and clean or use your handyman skills to help with home improvement projects. Basically, do whatever you can to show that you won’t be dead weight.

Touch on Your Career Plan

If you have a reputation for jumping into get-rich-quick schemes, take some time to show that you have a solid plan this time around. Regardless of whether you’re furthering your education or just taking a training course that could really help your earning potential, you should let your family member know about it. Again, even though nothing is promised, you should show that you’re working hard to ensure better days are ahead.

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