Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Life in “The River City”

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Heres Everything You Need to Know About Life in The River CityLocated in the northern portion of Alabama, Decatur is a city that has used its natural gifts to its full advantage. Thanks in part to its prime location along the Tennessee River, the city blossomed into an attractive trading center – providing the fuel for an economy that continues to race towards greatness today. If you’ve been thinking about moving to Decatur, is here to tell you all about the city. Stick with us as we touch on some of the reasons why Decatur is second-to-none.

When you first make your way to Decatur, you will be greeted by fantastic weather, friendly citizens and a community with enough energy to make you want to get out and do something. If you have been dying to go fishing, grab your rod and try your luck at Wheeler Lake. Once you are done there, head down to Hospitality Park ( US Highway 31 North), or one of the 21 other city parks in Decatur to do some hiking or simply take in the sights of the city if you wish. This is your chance to relocate to a city where families make outdoor activity an intricate part of everyday life.

While some move to Decatur for the outdoor recreation that we just discussed, others are more interested in the fact that the arts and cultural scene here is very much alive. As soon as you make your way to Decatur, leave the work to your apartment movers so you can hit up places like the Carnegie Visual Arts Center (207 Church St NE), the Princess Theatre for the Performing Arts (112 2nd Ave NE) and Calhoun Community College’s Theatre at 6250 US Highway 31 N. These are three examples of the places you can go to make some new friends and really feel the pulse of the vibrant city.

As one of the more active river ports in the state, and a top destination for entrepreneurs everywhere, Decatur continues to be a city in the move. Over time, the city has implemented a laundry list of improvements that have done nothing but give the tourism department here a boost for the ages. So if you are looking to be a part of a city that will give you a jolt of energy and a sense of pride, your search will end in Decatur.

If Decatur is beginning to look more and more like your dream city, the embracing neighborhoods here will wrap up the deal. Regardless of whether you opt to purchase a home in a suburban area like Moulton Heights or you find a cheap, cozy apartment in Russel Village, Decatur will automatically begin to feel like the home that you’ve been missing.

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