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Wine Lovers on the Move

Posted on September 17th, 2010 by

Are you sure everything that you need to move has been taken care of? What about your wine collection? You have been collecting wine ever since you visited the first vineyard a after that summer trip you took a few years ago; this is not the time to risk loosing not even a single bottle. If you thought that it was going to be as easy as bubble wrapping them and putting them in a box, think again. How would you relocate them?

When you are about to move your wine form one area to another other than the store to your wine cellar, there are several things that you need to consider besides protecting them not to crack. One of the most important factors to properly store and relocate your wine is the temperature they are being kept at. How do you think wine from places such as Argentina, Italy and Spain get to the United States? They are exported in special cases that maintain the glass bottles properly covered and at their adequate temperatures. There are specific temperatures that need to be met in order to maintain the quality and condition of your wine. Whenever wine bottles are shipped domestically and even internationally, it is done directly from the winery to the consumer. They use resistant and durable boxes that won’t be damaged while being transported. Not only that, but the wine is housed in Styrofoam inserts that will provide that cushioning and extra protection to prevent any damages to the bottle.

To be able to indulge yourself with a glass of wine when you get to your new home, make sure you get the right help to relocate your wines. Depending on the place you will be transporting your wine collection to and from, there are going to be certain temperatures that will need to be timed along the trip as well. This is why, if you want to be certain that no mistakes are done, you are better off hiring professional movers to assist you.

By doing so, all you will need to worry about is contacting your friends and neighbors and have an amazing wine and cheese party! For those who are curious as to which are the best wine destinations in the world, here is a map that includes the top ten wine producer countries in the world.

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