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Storage Tips for Children’s Toys

Posted on September 22nd, 2010 by

Moving is tough enough when you include all of your old clothing, shoes, and other possessions that you don’t want to get rid of. It’s even harder when you have children that have a bunch of enormously, oddly-shaped toys that you have to lug behind you. And you can’t even dare of throwing them away – unless you want them crying uncontrollably.

After dealing with the hassle of moving companies and all of the red tape they bring, you’re going to have a mini-crisis with finding out what to do with all of your children’s toys, from items are small as miniature action figures to toys as large as Power Wheels.

So how are you going to manage to bring along your children’s toys while not sacrificing space for your other things? This guide shows you how.

First of all, remember: Shelves are you friend. They are usually long and on tall cases, so they provide you with the opportunity to stock plenty of items on them both vertically and diagonally without sacrificing too much space. Stock shelves with any oversized stuffed animals your children may have. You can also stock the shelves with toy cars and trucks; just be sure to push these heavier items to the back. The last thing you want is to place something in front that has the capability of falling and injuring someone.

Stock closets with bicycles, tricycles and any other large, wheel-based items. These items are usually a lot heavier and clunky, so the opportunity to stash them away where they aren’t in anyone’s way will be a benefit to everyone.

Don’t forget to use chests to your advantage. They are large and stable, and are perfect places to stash larger items your children may not play with often. Plus, they’re relatively dull attractions, so your children will most likely leave them alone, making them ideal spots to stash objects away in.

Also remember to disassemble all of the toys you can. Obviously taking toys apart gives you more room to operate, so if your child has a bunch of Lego building blocks laying around, take them apart.

The final tip may be easier suggested than done, but try to limit the amount of large toys your kids have. The less big toys they have, the less you’ll have to worry about stashing them away when the time comes.

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  1. Good post, I’ve got seven children myself, and they really enjoy playing with toys.

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