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Where to Meet Your New Neighbors

Posted on September 17th, 2010 by

The hassles of relocating are finally over! You’ve settled your bill with the moving company, everything is perfectly situated in your new home, and your new life is, so far, off to a smooth start. All that’s left to do is getting to know your new neighbors.

While the majority of American communities no longer engage in the Stepford Wife version of a “Welcome Home” parade consisting of homemade apple pies and tuna noodle casseroles, you can take the matter into your own hands and be proactive. Here are the best places to meet your new neighbors:

  • Hit the Gym. Many modern gated communities, apartment buildings, and condos have on-site gyms as one of their amenities. Go check out the facility and find like-minded health nuts to talk about your last half marathon times together. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a gym on the premises, try your local YMCA. They’re great community building, family-friendly centers and people from all walks of life come together there.
  • Go for a Dip. Your community pool is a great way to bask in the glorious rays of Vitamin D (with proper sunscreen protection, of course) next to your new sun-loving aquatic neighbors. The best part is that you can take the kids along to splash next to the other children, giving them a chance to socialize as well. Have pizza delivered to the pool, and your family will become the coolest new neighbors ever.
  • Do Your Laundry. If you just moved into an apartment or condo with laundry facilities for the community, go hunt down some neighbors while sending your kids’ Undaroos through the rinse cycle. It’s a great place to start a conversation while you wait for your clothes to wash and dry.
  • Play with the Kids. Your kids are a terrific way to connect to other local parents. Most children make friends easily, giving you an almost instant “in” with the other parents in the community. Since kids that still play outside need adult supervision, take a hint from your child’s social skills and don’t be shy when approaching another watchful parent. Start a pick-up kickball game, small-scale baseball game, or just play catch together with all of your kids.
  • Attend a Homeowner’s Association Meeting. Going to your community association’s meeting as soon as you move in will not only give you a chance to mingle with the neighbors, you will also get a lot of insight as to the goings on of the neighborhood. You can meet other civically active individuals here while solving problems together.

With a positive attitude, and a little creativity, you will know a majority of your neighbors soon after you’ve moved in. Keep your eyes peeled on where most of your neighbors congregate, so you can introduce yourself and your family to them. Remember, neighbors don’t always have to be the people next door, they also have the potential of becoming life-long friends!

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  1. My Move

    Volunteering in your new town is a good way to meet new people. If you have a dog, finding the local dog park is also a great way to meet your new neighbors.

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