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5 Ways to Make Your Move Easier on Your Cat

Posted on August 11th, 2011 by

5 Ways to Make Your Move Easier on Your CatYour moving date is fast approaching. It does not seem like there are enough hours in the day! However, you furry friend is always around to greet you with a warm nudge and a cheerful meow. Make the move easier on them and have an easy transition to your new home with helpful tips from MovingCost.com. Here are just 5 ways to make your move easier on your cat.

Protect Your Pet: Safety Is The Number One Priority

If you do not already have a firm plastic cat carrier, purchase one at a reputable pet store. The carrier should be large enough so that your kitty can stand up and stretch comfortably. As a rule, measure your cat from head to tail and then from the paws to the top of the head. The ideal cat carrier should be larger than these measurements. Put a warm blanket or towel in the bottom of the carrier and place an article of your clothing with your scent in the mix. Your scent gives them the security of knowing you are near.

Practice Makes Perfect

5 Ways to Make Your Move Easier on Your CatThere are few things in life that will not improve with practice; moving your cat is not one of them. The fastest way to take stress out of your move is to take your kitty out for practice rides as often as you can. Try to get them acclimated to being in a car for extended periods of time. Start out with short 15 minute car trips and then gradually extend them to half an hour or even longer, if you can. The idea is to get your cat used to the noises and smell of your car so they are not overly surprised on moving day.

A Hydrated Cat Is a Happy Cat

Cats are divas that always need special attention. A stressed-out kitty will neither eat nor drink. A long interstate move will stress out even the most relaxed cat. Therefore, it is very important to have wet food available at all times. Baby food is a great alternative for some finicky felines. It will keep your cat hydrated and full. For longer moves, have someone sit in the back seat with the kitty to encourage eating and drinking. If necessary, take rest stops every three to four hours and wait for your cat to eat or drink before continuing your move. Their health is an important concern.

The Musical Cat: Dealing with Kitty Tantrums

5 Ways to Make Your Move Easier on Your CatKitty tantrums, as any cat owner knows, are never fun to be around. Imagine being in a confined space with an angry, yowling monster for hours! The best way to deal with these angry bouts is not to ignore them. First, turn off the radio and use soothing tones to calm down the little beast; feed them a spoonful of wet food and try to get them to settle down. If that does not work, put a sheet over their cat carrier to simulate darkness. In the rare case, your cat might just want to find a place to hide. Block all access to the driver’s side and, with supervision, let the kitty out of the carrier. Put them on the floor of the back seat and let them snuggle in.

Kitty-Proofing Your New Home

You’ve finally arrived at your new house! The drive was exhausting and you are ready to begin settling in. Often, new homes pose hidden threats for animals who are unaware of their new surroundings. Go through each room and sweep the floor clean of any material that might hurt your cat. Check all ledges, shelves and stairs for stability. Finally, choose one room and make it the “cat room” for the time being. Put all of the kitty’s toys and food in that room and close it off completely. A new home will be bustling with movers and activity while you get unpacked. Doors will be opening and closing throughout the day. Prevent heartache and injury by keeping your cat in a safe, stable environment during the move-in process.

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