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How To Properly Move a Mattress

Posted on April 26th, 2010 by

A large mattress can be one of the most difficult items in your house to move. Mattresses are heavy and bulky, but also floppy. This can make them hard to handle when moving. Also, a mattress requires special care when moving to ensure that it doesn’t get ripped or stained. This guide will help you move your mattress properly!

  • First, remove all the bedding from the mattress.
  • If you have a bed frame, move the mattress and box springs to the side so that you can disassemble the bed frame without the mattress getting in the way.
  • Next, finish preparing the mattress for the move. Wrap it in a canvas mattress bag or a mattress pad from your moving company. Use tape to secure the mattress pad to the mattress, but don’t tape anything directly to the mattress itself. Instead, wrap the tape around the mattress pad to secure it to the mattress.
  • If possible, put the mattress into a mattress box for extra protection. Your moving company should have one.
  • To move the mattress, you’ll need two people. Decide how you’re going to get the mattress out of house.
  • Lift the mattress up off the ground and flip it onto its side. Then, move it carefully, with one person holding each end.
  • Don’t bend or fold the mattress!!

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3 Responses to “How To Properly Move a Mattress”

  1. A friend of mine once taped his entire mattress with duct-tape when he was moving because he was afraid the movers would get it dirty. The tape’s adhesive was right on the mattress, and it melted in the hot sun pretty quickly. Totally ruined.

    Using a mattress pad or box? That’s a good tip.

    • MovingCost.com

      Thanks, Steve. The tape melted to the mattress? Was the mattress left out in the sun, or did this happen on the moving truck? Even after taping directly to the mattress (agreed, bad idea), it seems odd that the mattress would be subjected to temperatures hot enough to melt tape. I hope your friend had insurance!

  2. Some larger memory foam mattresses come in two parts to make it easier to move. Sometimes using special ropes or straps to hold the mattress off the ground can make it easier, too.

    No matter what you do, though, moving a mattress is a pain!

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