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The Four Fit F’s: Follow these Four Formalities for Effective Snacking

Posted on April 11th, 2011 by

The Four Fit Fs: Follow these Four Formalities for Effective SnackingThe most optimal snack may seem difficult to find and stick with. When we are flustered, we usually reach for “comforting” foods. The following guidelines will keep you on track, even during your upcoming relocation! MovingCost.com suggests sticking to the four fit F’s: filling, fiber, fast and fun.

That’s right. Snacks should be filling yet smart. They should be high in fiber because it will sustain you and is beneficial. A fast snack is time effective and fun so you can switch it up and stay away from ho-hum. These will help you avoid the bad F—saturated fat!

Filling- Don’t reach for that fattening candy bar which has little nutritional value and lots of calories. You’ll feel hungry almost immediately afterward. For those days that you are inexplicably hungry, you are going to need a filling snack that won’t imbalance your healthy habits yet will keep you sane until lunch or dinner. Fruits and veggies with cream cheese, hummus or peanut better are great choice. If you can, make a smoothie with a banana, frozen or fresh berries, yogurt and a bit of protein powder. You can hit the spot by utilizing smart choices.

Fiber- Step away from the vending machine. Its featured processed foods won’t do you any good. Opt for foods that are loaded with the good stuff—fiber. Fiber is great for lowering cholesterol (ie, helps your heart), regulating digestion, makes you feel fuller and helps with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruit and veggies are great sources, as are whole grains and wheat bran. Add it to yogurt or an all-natural cereal. Toast a thin slice of hearty whole grain bread and spread some mashed avocado or hummus.

Fast- When speed is key, a pre-packaged honey bun may seem like the solution. But in the long run, it will devastate your efforts to change towards a wiser lifestyle. When shopping, look for items that can be easily assembled and placed in a seal-able container either the night before or in the morning before work. Apples, grapes, carrots, oranges and bananas are easy to-go snacks. Have a small container ready to bring your nut butter or cheese with you. For convenient snacking while on the run, have pre-cut fruits ready in the fridge. Don’t forget to add cinnamon or spices to kick up the flavor and enjoyment.

Fun- Who wants to eat the same thing day in and day out? Even the most delicious foods can get old to the taste buds. Think of creative ways to twist up and present your snacks. Cut fruit and cheese into cubes one day and thin slices the next. Sprinkle some turmeric in a wrap for a wonderful hue and cancer-fighting antioxidants. Surprise your eyes and belly with grated carrots and raisins with your quinoa, yogurt or oatmeal. Be versatile. Don’t even limit yourself to the foods we’ve mentioned above. Go all out!

Keep the Four F’s in mind and you won’t even think about those stale items in the vending machine. Impress your movers with your energy on moving day.

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