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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Posted on September 10th, 2010 by

So you’re going to move and are about to begin the home searching process, but don’t know where to begin. You’re going to need a real estate agent to handle the ins and outs for you. But how do you go about finding an agent who is skilled, qualified, and trustworthy enough to help you handle this enormous task?

First, let’s talk about the process. Simply put, real estate transactions aren’t easy to complete; in fact, the majority of them are long and complicated. Not only that, but realize that all of your valuable assets are basically on the line. If you end up striking a deal that isn’t beneficial to you, you could end up losing out on thousands.

You need to understand the difference between realtor, real estate agent, and a real estate broker aren’t one and the same. A real estate agent possesses a real estate license from his particular state. A realtor is a real estate agent who holds extra certifications from the National Association of Realtors. A real estate broker, meanwhile, is a realtor who possesses different training and knowledge than realtors and real estate agents.

Now that you know the difference between all of the titles, you’re going to want to find the agent with the most experience. Because the field of real estate has such a high turnover rate, there are a plethora of agents who are still wet behind the ears. If you happen to find an agent that you’re interested in working with, be sure to ask them how long they’ve been in the industry. Generally, anything less than two years is a no-no – keep moving and look elsewhere for someone with more experience under their belts.

Another key is to search for the real estate agents themselves, and not the house or property that you’re searching for. You might become so enamored with a particular house that you contact an agent, only to have them tell you the house is no longer available. This can lead to the agent sending you on a wild-goose chase looking at other properties you have no interest in. So remember to only keep your focus on the individual themselves, and not the property.

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