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Don’t Miss Filling Out This Paperwork After Your Move Is Complete

Posted on May 4th, 2011 by

Dont Miss Filling Out This Paperwork After Your Move Is CompleteFilling out paperwork is a necessary evil when it comes to moving. Not only are you making your move official by scribbling down your new address, you’re also following the law by ensuring that accurate information about you is updated. With all the frenetic “moving in” activity following your relocation, it can be easy to overlook a few key pieces of paper that need your info right away. MovingCost.com covers the four you need to remember:

Vehicle Registration
As the main mode of transport you’ll be employing once your move is finished, updating your vehicle registration information with your new address is a must. You’ll need it to adjust your car insurance quote to something lower, if you moved to a safer neighborhood. Plus, it’s mandatory for all new residents that are moving to a different state. Every state has its own deadlines for registering vehicles, so visit the privately-operated Website DMV.org to learn more about registering your vehicle in any of the fifty states. Remember to transfer your title registration to your new state, along with getting a new state-issued license plate.

Driver’s License
Registering your vehicle in the state and acquiring a new driver’s license with your new address on it go hand in hand. Most state Department of Motor Vehicles let you update a license online, but it may be necessary to make an appointment if they need a recent picture of you on the license. Don’t forget to bring money to cover the fee for getting a new driver’s license.

Voter Registration
While you’re knocking out all the tasks concerning your vehicle and license, ask the local DMV office if they have voter registration paperwork you can fill out. Many states now offer voter registration information when you go to their offices to update your information. But you can also register to vote in various other community centers around your new neighborhood. Again, visit the resourceful DMV.org site for more information on registering to vote in your new state.

Pet Registration
You didn’t think we’d forget Fido, did you? Your pets also have some degree of paperwork that needs to be handled. If you don’t have a standard dog or cat as a pet, you may have to read up on whether or not your new state allows the type of animal you keep as a pet. Some states ban certain exotic species, so get to know what animals are allowed long before you relocate. Once you have registered your pet, be sure to pick up a new tag to attach to their collar in case they get lost.

Nobody enjoys doing the paperwork that comes with a move, but it’s part of the territory and must be handled in a timely way if you want to get everything in order sooner. To make things more convenient on you, try to find out if you are capable of submitting your paperwork online wherever possible.

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