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Determine if Your Cabinet Will Be Easy to Relocate

Posted on January 21st, 2011 by

During the moving process, you will be responsible for relocating dozens of large and bulky items, especially if you choose to bypass professional movers. Without a doubt, one of those most difficult objects to move will be your cabinets and for a couple of different reasons. One, your cabinets are surely oversized, so you may have to pay for a larger rental truck. Two, you don’t want to cause any damages, so you will have to find ways to move these large items, while avoiding bumps, scratches, or dents. Now, there are some ways in which you can determine which cabinets will be more difficult to relocate.

The more drawers your cabinet features the better. Why? Well, the more there are, the less your cabinet will weigh once you remove them. Simply take out all of the drawers and place them to the side. Load your cabinet into the rental truck with the front facing you. Once you’ve done that, locate the drawers back into place and strap down your cabinet. Before unloading, remove the drawers once again and put them back once the cabinet is in its proper spot inside of your home. While it may seem like a nuisance to do this repeatedly, the amount of weight you reduce will be significant when lifting the cabinet.

This usually applies to wall units, because they are more likely to be built in various parts instead of two or three whole pieces. Your job will be to look for hinges and screws throughout the cabinet. If you see many, it means that you can break the piece down into various sections, which may seem like more work, but in reality, it is what you want. See, by having the luxury of breaking it down into various pieces, the cabinet will become easier to lift, protect, and load.

Finish Material:
This is something that people don’t usually take into consideration, but the finishing material on your cabinet is just as important. See, if your piece has a high-gloss finish, it is more likely to absorb noticeable damage. We are talking about scratches and dents that you cannot fix, because there are so many layers of sealer and gloss. It is in your best interest to hire professional movers at this point. Qualified and professional personnel can reduce the risk of any damage, so contact them for rates and services.

Take these simple things into consideration before your relocation and you will have a good idea of which cabinets will be easier to move. If you see that you have too many, it may be best to contact professional movers instead of taking on the responsibility yourself. You will likely save on having to rent a large truck and you will avoid a lot of the physical strain typically associate with the moving process.

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  1. Bette Streep

    Thanks for the advice

    But I am still having problems removing the drawers from my filing cabinets.

    Do you know an easy way to do this?

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