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Purchasing Your First Vehicle: 3 Important Things to Consider Before Taking that Step

Upon moving from a booming metropolitan area to the very rural plains of the countryside, it may be time to invest less in taxi-cab and subway train rides and focus more on purchasing your first vehicle. Although convenient in a fast-paced city, public transit may not be so generous in your new location. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your very first vehicle. —  Read More »

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Bangor, Maine Claim Your Throne in the “Queen City of the East”

Home to a great deal of history, a plethora of cultural institutions, world renowned architecture, and the birthplace of some of the country’s most notable pop culture, Bangor, Maine’s notoriety surpasses that of any other city in Maine. The third largest city in the state, Bangor is prominent in its position as the largest market town, distribution center, transportation hub, and media center.  —  Read More »

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5 Tips to Easily Accommodate Your Pet When Moving Time Arrives

Moving on your own can be troublesome enough, but an accompanying pet may cause even more headaches. Whether your pet scares easily in airplanes or cars, or you simply have to provide additional documentation to take them elsewhere, the process may become more of a burden than you had hoped. Here are 5 tips to utilize when you are relocating with a pet. —  Read More »

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How to Add Depth & Dimension to a Small Room in Your Home

Did you overestimate how big your new home or apartment was prior to moving in? Now you’re settled in and you feel constrained, and your compact home is giving way to a stressful living environment. Try adding some depth and dimension to your home by utilizing these basic tips. —  Read More »

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How to Effectively Box Up Your Home in Preparation of Moving

Organization should be a top priority of yours when moving. Proper preparation and organization will encourage a smooth transition into your new home. Movers often make their first mistake when packing up their home. —  Read More »

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